Surgeon Results

Surgeon Results

Surgeon Experience and Outcomes

At Phoenix Irish Health we believe patients should have access to information about our surgeons’ clinical outcomes. We wholeheartedly support the current NHS initiative to publish such data online, but believe that over-reliance on the National Bariatric Surgery Register (NBSR) could result in distortion of some surgeon activity data, particularly as it excludes non-NHS and more complex revisional operations.

For many years prior to the creation of the NBSR our surgeons have kept a detailed database of clinical activity, data that has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at many national and international bariatric meetings.

In light of the problems highlighted above, Phoenix Irish Health has taken the decision to publish details on our website of our surgeons’ experience and mortality rate for each of the major types of bariatric surgery. We hope you find the accompanying information both useful and reassuring.

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