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Choosing surgery is a big decision. If you’ve got concerns or just want more information, why not put your questions to someone who understands what it’s like to be in your position?

Our Expert Patient Panel is a group of real patients who have first-hand insight into what going through weight loss surgery entails. They’ve volunteered to share their experience and the secrets of their success with you.

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The Expert Patient Panel is a free peer-to-peer support service for patients contemplating bariatric surgery*. It is not a substitute for medical advice. Views expressed by Expert Patient Panel members are their own and may not represent the views or professional opinion of Phoenix Irish Health

* The Expert Patient Panel (the ‘Service’) is a voluntary service provided by our patients who do not receive payment nor other inducements from Phoenix Irish Health. Submitting a query will generate an email circulated to all Expert Panel Members who can choose to respond if they wish. Panel members reply to the email address you provided. They are encouraged to remain anonymous to respect their privacy. In using the Service, you understand and agree that (i) in most instances you will be receiving information and peer-to-peer support from a patient and not from a qualified medical professional; (ii) neither Phoenix Irish Health, nor our Expert Patient Panel members accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any information or advice you receive. If you are concerned that you have any medical problems you should seek the advice of your GP or a bariatric consultant; (iii) that Phoenix Irish Health, its employees and its Expert Patient Panel members will not be subject to any claims by you or on behalf of you for personal, medical or corporate negligence arising from your use of the Service; and (iv) that any personal or confidential information you choose to divulge when using the Service can be shared within the Expert Panel and with Phoenix Irish Health staff and that you waive all rights to claims of breach of confidentiality that might arise as a result of your use of the Service.