How to stop eating out of habit

16th March 2014

How to stop eating out of habit

Most of us pre-op had a habit of over-eating and a fixation on food as a ‘fix’. Sometimes we ate out of boredom, sometimes for comfort, often just ‘because’ and frequently because others were doing it. But post-op we need to change these habits otherwise they threaten to sabotage our efforts at weight-loss and maintenance.

Eating when hungry is fine but eating out of habit is not. So what can you do to break the habit – well, trying to do something different is a great start.

Runners in a park

Here are some ideas that might just inspire you to stop eating out of habit:

Go for a walk. Clip on a pedometer and see if you can add to that 10,000 steps a day goal. When this becomes easier break into a jog!
Go swimming.
Read a book – or better still listen to an audio book while you exercise or do your chores.
Take a bike ride, alone or with a friend.
Take up a class like yoga, dance, martial arts or Zumba.
Clean out your wardrobe or drawers of ill-fitting or too large clothes.
Check in to see a film at the cinema – take your own treats if required rather than succumb to the in-house popcorn or sweets.
Indulge in a crafting hobby – needlework, knitting, making cards, quilting or framing your before and after pics.
Visit the library and check out the latest low fat and low sugar recipes for your new eating regime.
Consider a part-time job or volunteering for a charitable cause.
Clean out the garage and perhaps organise a garage sale or car boot sale for those unwanted items you unearth.
Stretch the mind with a jigsaw, sudoko, chess or other puzzle.
Start a new or revamp your current garden.
Plan a much needed or always-wanted holiday for when funds permit.
Update some furniture with a new coat of paint or reupholster a much loved but weary-looking chair.
Take up a new evening or day class or move up to a more challenging level of a current favourite.
Plan a family or old-school reunion so that you can reintroduce the ‘new’ you.

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