How to stop grazing through the day

9th April 2014

How to stop grazing through the day

Woman caught eating in the middle of the nightGrazing … I know I have mentioned this before – you know what I mean, picking at food throughout the day instead of (or in addition to) eating regular meals.

This constant, indiscriminate eating, especially when done mindlessly, is the downfall of many WLS patients, but it doesn’t have to be and you needn’t be a victim to it.

how to stop grazing

If you’ve had a weight stall or suffered some weight regain then employing some of the tactics on how to stop grazing below might help to break the habit.

Curbing Day-Time Grazing:

  • Don’t eat unless you’re at a table – in other words don’t eat standing up, in the car, on the go or when you don’t have time for a full, proper meal, unless it’s an emergency or a real one-off occasion. If you sit down at mealtimes and pay attention to every bite (and it’s right), you’ll be more relaxed, mindful of what you’re eating and you’ll notice when you’re satisfied and full. You’ll also enjoy your food and find it more satisfying.
  • Don’t skip meals – seriously don’t! You might think that you’re saving yourself calories, but it will only leave you hungrier and famished later so that you are tempted to consume extra calories to feel full or satisfied.

Curbing Night-Time Grazing:

  • Most people graze at night time because they are bored rather than hungry. So now is the time to indulge in those hobbies that will keep your brain, hands and mouth busy – by reading perhaps, doing some DIY or chatting on the phone to a friend or supporter.
  • Sounds strange but it works – brush your teeth. Food never seems quite as appealing when you have that fresh, minty toothpaste flavour in your mouth and so food tastes really weird!
  • Try a cup of hot tea, coffee or warmed fruit-type drink. The warm fluid can often make you feel satiated. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst too so it may be the obvious solution

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