Is exercising in the morning the most effective time?

23rd April 2014

Is exercising in the morning the most effective time?

We are all creatures of habit and many of us establish a routine to either work-out and exercise in the morning, or much later in the day on a consistent basis. But have you ever wondered which is better?

Is it better to incorporate exercise at the forefront of the day, or later? Assuming that you have a choice there’s some compelling evidence to opt for the former.

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In a feature by MSN Healthy Living, the consensus seems to be that exercising in the morning can have benefits that last all day. It seems it creates a positive routine that provides many added benefits beyond just keeping you fit.

Here are some of their reasons:

  • Research shows that it gives better long-term results. This is because those who exercise in the morning are generally more consistent with their approach. Our bodies love routine and this is one way it will thank you in return by paying you back for the rest of the day.
  • If you exercise in the morning – before you have the chance to be distracted by other things that come along you will have fewer scheduling conflicts to grapple with. Fit your fitness session in first thing and you’re unlikely to ditch it when distraction rears its head!
  • The benefits of exercise tend to linger throughout the day as you continue to burn calories and boost your metabolism after your work-out is done. This is a benefit that is best used throughout the day when you’re eating rather than when you’re sleeping. Exercise also stimulates the body so it may be harder to get to sleep and fully relax if you work-out in the evening.
  • Exercising also increases and improves your productivity. Getting your endorphins going means that you are likely to be more awake and ready to tackle the day by giving yourself an extra energy boost. Some of the research they have seen indicates that working out can increase your mental clarity for some 4-10 hours post-exercise.
  • In addition to the benefits of boosted metabolism, better sleep and improved productivity comes a better approach to a healthier diet. It would appear that by knocking out your exercise first thing in the day you will approach our diet differently throughout the rest of the day. If you’re proud of your great work out then you’re unlikely to sabotage it with an unhealthy lunch. Instead, they say, you are more likely to want to continue with positive choices by choosing and eating foods that make you feel fresh, energised and engaged.

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