Post bariatric surgery diet tip – choosing the right deli meats

24th March 2014

Post bariatric surgery diet tip – choosing the right deli meats

Cold cuts are a bariatric staple for making sandwiches (or lettuce roll-ups), salads and other snacks since they bring much needed protein and convenience to the table. But before you stop at the deli counter or delve into the deli cabinet at your local supermarket to grab a selection or two, check out which are best and which to avoid.

Deli Meats on a plate

Here are 3 post bariatric surgery diet tips to help you make wise decisions when choosing the right deli meats:

Choose Lean Meats

Always try and opt for those lean meats that are low in saturated fat. Wherever possible look for those that are all-natural, lower in salt (sodium) and nitrate- or nitrite-free. Your best bets are:

chicken – regular, smoked (uncured) or peppered
ham – boiled or smoked (uncured)
beef – lean roast
turkey – regular, smoked (uncured) or peppered

Avoid Packaged Processed Meats with Fillers

Fillers are carbohydrate or starch additives that are used to hold the meat together but increase the calorific value. Check the back of pack label and if you see starch, wheat starch or cornflour/cornstarch in the list then they are the fillers you’re trying to avoid.

The further up the ingredient list they appear the more in the processed meat you’re looking at. Sometimes they come very low down the list which means the meat has only a miniscule amount in which case go ahead and include them in your basket.

Veto the Meats with Added Sugars

Veto or jettison those meats that have been sugar-cured. The same goes for those maple-cured or honey-roasted/baked. They may add some flavour but you would be better off using plain meats and adding your own flavourings like mustard, horseradish, low-fat mayo and low-sugar chutney.

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