Some tips to improve your post bariatric surgery exercise regime

1st March 2014

Some tips to improve your post bariatric surgery exercise regime

When it comes to exercise we all tend to be creatures of habit. We either attend our weekly gym sessions, jump on the daily treadmill or plunge into the pool on a very regular basis without too much thought. And there is something very comforting and life-affirming for having a controlled set regime.

That is until boredom sets in, of course. Once this happens our regimes tend to slip, goals shrink and motivation takes a seat on the back burner until it is finally relegated to non-participation status.

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Post bariatric surgery exercise

So what to do? Well, introducing variety into your routine certainly does help to keep things fresh and interesting. Here are some ideas to consider for improving your post bariatric surgery exercise regime:

  • If your exercise of choice is outdoor walking, jogging, running or cycling, then consider changing your usual route. One day try an urban journey, the next countryside or a mixture of both, mixing and matching so that you’re constantly motivated and energised by what you see along the way.
  • If you’re a gym bunny or rat then alternate between elliptical, stepping machine, stationery bike and treadmill for your cardio workouts. And if there are any visual aids or routes to follow on your apparatus vary them.
  • Likewise, if you tend to use just 2 or 3 machines check out the rest in your gym and make the effort to find out how they work.
  • Also try mixing in free weights and balance and flexibility exercises alongside your regular machine routine.
  • If group classes are your thing then why not pick up a class rota sheet and try out a new one every now and then. You might find a new gym buddy, up the ante from beginner to intermediate to advanced class, and find something that you previously haven’t considered and now enjoy more than your previous one.
  • If you prefer to exercise at home then check out the TV schedules for new programmes, on-demand exercise programmes on cable TV, or consider renting or loaning from DVD libraries and rental shops (a good way to check out whether they are worth the investment before purchase too).

Whatever your choice and preference, changing your exercise routine (and its regularity), can invigorate and breathe new life into what can become a mundane and predictable exercise programme, and give you more incentive to keep working on your fitness and health!

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