Cross Border Healthcare Directive (ROI Patients Only)

Cross Border Healthcare Directive (ROI Patients Only)

What Is The Cross Border Healthcare Directive?

The Cross Border Directive (CBD) allows ROI residents to access health care, including bariatric surgery, in other EU member statesas if it was another hospital within Ireland.

Following a simple application process, if your treatment is approved under the CBD scheme, approximately 75% of the cost of bariatric surgery will be funded by the HSE.

The application form for prior authorisation  can be found here.

Phone 1800 932 912 or +44 3452 515 516 today to speak to Gillian our CBD Advisor, who can provide all the information you require to get your treatment started.


How Does The Cross Border Healthcare Directive Work?

The Cross-Border Healthcare Directive, operated by the HSE, entitles Irish patients waiting for bariatric surgery in the Republic of Ireland to obtain treatment with Phoenix Irish Health at one of our sister Phoenix Health bariatric centres in the UK (including our centre in Belfast) .

If you are entitled to public health services in Ireland and you choose to access those services in the UK, you can be reimbursed (up to specified limits) by the HSE for the costs incurred.

The amount that will be repaid is the amount that the treatment would cost in a public hospital in Ireland, which is typically about 75% of the cost of treatment with Phoenix Health in the UK.

Please note that treatment in our Belfast centre is restricted to lower risk patients and incurs a surcharge of approximately €1,500 compared to treatment with Phoenix in Manchester, Liverpool or Chester.


How Do I Apply For Cross Border Treatment?

It’s easy to apply for treatment with Phoenix Health under the Cross Border Healthcare Directive.

To be refunded under the EU Healthcare Directive you must:

  • Be referred to Phoenix Health by your GP or hospital consultant in Ireland
  • Get prior authorisation before undergoing surgery
  • Apply for a refund of your costs once the surgery has taken place

The application form for prior authorisation  can be found here.

For further details, 1800 932 912 or +44 3452 515 516 today to speak to Gillian our CBD Advisor.  She will guide you through the simple steps involved to start the process to get you treated quickly and conveniently.


Outpatient Applicants

You do not need to have pre-authorisation to make an initial outpatient appointment with a Phoenix Health consultant.

However, as your application form must be submitted  (along with your referral letter) within 2 weeks of your assessment, it is a good idea to ensure you have all of the necessary paperwork completed before you attend for your pre-op bariatric assessment.  Your Phoenix Health consultant will complete part B of the form for you.

When submitting a claim for the reimbursement of the outpatient appointment at which the assessment for further treatment was made, you will be required to submit a copy of the original referral letter and/or the letter of confirmation of your place on the public waiting list in Ireland.


Inpatient Applicants

Bariatric surgery involves a 2-3 night stay in hospital and this will need to be authorised in advance by the HSE before you can be admitted.

Prior authorisation can be obtained following the submission of a completed application form, accompanied by the appropriate referring letter from your GP or local consultant.  This needs to happen within 2 weeks of your bariatric outpatient appointment.  We will help you with the paperwork to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Part A of the application form for prior authorisation  should be completed by you.  Part B is completed by either the medical professional who is referring you for treatment abroad, or by your Phoenix Health consultant.

The HSE accepts no liability for healthcare costs availed of abroad which fails to meet the governing legislation, criteria and the HSE’s administration requirements.


How Long Does The Decision Process Take?

After your consultation with Phoenix, we will complete a medical declaration if you are suitable for bariatric surgery and send it to the HSE within 2 weeks.

A decision typically takes between 15 and 20 working days following receipt of a completed application form.

Information For Referring GPs And Clinicians

Should you wish to refer a patient to Phoenix Irish Health for bariatric surgery using the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive please call Gillian on 1800 932 912 or email her at

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