Northern Ireland Costs

Northern Ireland Costs

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All Phoenix Health patients are automatically covered for the cost of treating any complications for the first 3 months after surgery, or for longer periods if Gold or Platinum Aftercare packages are selected (Terms and Conditions apply).

Prices correct as of 1st April 2017

* Charges vary depending on choice of hospital and if your BMI is >50
For details of our Silver, Gold and Platinum care packages, click here. †

Why do many patients choose Gold and Platinum Aftercare? click here.

Elipse Gastric Balloon


Insertion of the Elipse Balloon

12 months support from our bariatric dietitian

Medications to control any sickness or nausea

Set of digital scales with a mobile app to monitor progress

Fitness band and entry into the Move 4 Health programme

In the unlikely event that you are unable to tolerate the Elipse balloon and request early removal, this will be carried out free of charge

Other Gastric Balloons £3,950

Price includes:
6 months follow up consultations with dietician
Insertion and Removal of Balloon

Cost of Band Salvage/ Late Band Complications

Major band complications often occur many years after the original surgery and can present as medical emergencies. The chance of this happening has been reported to be as high as 60% in some European Bariatric Centres, although most UK surgeons currently report serious band complications in 10-20% of patients, so the true risk is still unclear. The Phoenix Irish Health team has expertise in treating this kind of problem and wherever possible will try to salvage the band.

For non-Phoenix patients and those opting for the Silver Care Package, an accurate personalised quotation for the cost of treating a late band complication can be provided on request.

Typically, this costs between £4,750 (simple band removal) and £8,950 (repositioning of a slipped band).

Cost of Treating Weight Regain after Failed Gastric Bypass

The treatment of failed bariatric operations resulting in weight regain requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Patients treated by Phoenix Irish Health have access to some of the most respected and experienced surgeons in the UK and Ireland.  Most gastric bypass revisions are carried out by the Phoenix Health senior surgeons in England, with post-op aftercare delivered locally in Belfast by our Northern Ireland team.

Prices for treatment of the failed gastric bypass start from £9,450


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